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Bespoke Timepieces

Laurent Valette Timepiece: Bienvenue

Bespoke Timepiece


Pocket watch fully engraved and 24K gold inlay and overlay .
And gold coin lodge inside the second lid. 

Technique of gold inlaid decoration goes back to the 4th century BC, it has been widely used on arms and weapons ever since.

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After watchmaking school on Geneve Laurent has been working at the factory of Patek Philippe (10 Days Tourbillon), Vacheron Constantin (Tourbillon Skeleton), de Grisogono, Les Ambassadeurs (Boutique Genève) and others. Couple of year ago he founded his own brand “Laurent Valette Timepieces”, creating bespoke custom-made watches, each one of them is unique, made according to taste and preferences of the client. All the components (movements, cases, straps) are from Switzerland, while dials, cases and even movements are customized in house by Laurent and his spouse. They are offering hand engraving, micro sculpting, 24K gold inlay, precious stone setting and also Grand Feu enamel dials.


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